REMS Unimat 77

Threading machine

REMS Unimat 77
Semi-automatic high-performance machine for efficient cutting of pipe threads. For industry, metal working, installation.

Pipe threads 1/4–4". Thread length up to 120 mm. Chamfering range 7–115 mm. Chamfered Ø from 7 mm. Maximum chamfer 7 mm. Chamfer angle 45°.

REMS Unimat 77 – pipe threads up to 4".
Tangential-chaser-threading-system. Fast working, short resetting time. For single and series production.

Operating instructions Unimat (PDF)

Parts list Unimat (PDF)



REMS Unimat 77 Basic mS

Art. no. 770003 R220S
 <br/>REMS Unimat 77 Basic mS

REMS Unimat 77 Basic mS

Art. no. 770003 R380
 <br/>REMS Unimat 77 Basic mS

REMS Unimat 77 Basic pS

Art. no. 770004 R380
 <br/>REMS Unimat 77 Basic pS <br/>REMS Unimat 77 Basic pS
 <br/>Chasers + holder
 <br/>Chasers + holder

Chasers + holder R 1-2, set

Art. no. 771130 RWS
 <br/>Chasers + holder
 <br/>Chasers + holder


Chasers HSS +holder G 1-2, set

Art. no. 771180 RHSS
 <br/>Chasers HSS +holder
 <br/>Chasers HSS +holder

Chas.+hol. NPT 1/4-3/8, set

Art. no. 771210 RWS
 <br/>Chas.+hol. NPT 1/4-3/8, set
 <br/>Chasers HSS +holder
 <br/>Chasers HSS +holder
 <br/>Chasers HSS +holder

Chas+hol NPSM 1/4-3/8,set

Art. no. 771260 RWS
 <br/>Chas+hol NPSM 1/4-3/8,set

Accessories: Chasers and Holders, Chasers

Chas.+hol. NPSM 1-2, set

Art. no. 771280 RWS
 <br/>Chas.+hol. NPSM 1-2, set

Chasers R 1/4-3/8, set

Art. no. 751502 RWS
 <br/>Chasers R 1/4-3/8, set

Chasers R 1/2-3/4, set

Art. no. 751503 RWS
 <br/>Chasers R 1/2-3/4, set

Chasers R 1-4, set

Art. no. 771136 RWS

Chasers G 1/4-3/8, HSS, set

Art. no. 751506 RHSS
 <br/>Chasers G 1/4-3/8,

Chasers G 1/2-3/4, HSS, set

Art. no. 751507 RHSS
 <br/>Chasers G 1/2-3/4,

Chasers HSS G 1-4, set

Art. no. 771186 RHSS
 <br/>Chasers HSS

Accessories: REMS Spezial

REMS Spezial Canister 5 l

Art. no. 140100 R
 <br/>REMS Spezial
 <br/>REMS Spezial

REMS Spezial Barrel 50 l

Art. no. 140103 R
 <br/>REMS Spezial

Accessories: REMS Sanitol

REMS Sanitol Canister 5 l

Art. no. 140110 R
 <br/>REMS Sanitol

REMS Sanitol Barrel 50 l

Art. no. 140113 R
 <br/>REMS Sanitol

Accessories: REMS Nippelspanner

Accessories: REMS Nippelfix

Accessories: REMS Herkules