Electronic camera inspection system

Ultra light, handy camera inspection system for inexpensive inspection and damage analysis of pipes, drains, chimneys and other hollow cavities. With electronic metering. Also for inspection after pipe cleaning work and for acceptance of new installations or repairs. Documentations of pictures and videos on SD card. For battery and mains operation.
For pipes Ø (40) 50 – 150 mm
Drains, chimneys, other hollow cavities

REMS CamSys – Brilliant pictures and videos of pipes and drains. SD card slot. With electronic metering. For battery and mains operation.

Operating instruction CamSys (PDF)
Operating instruction CamSys Controllereinheit (PDF)
Parts list CamSys (PDF)



 <br/>REMS CamSys Set S-Color 10 K
 <br/>REMS CamSys Set S-Color 20 H
 <br/>REMS CamSys Set S-Color 30 H
 REMS CamSys Set S-Color 30 H


REMS CamSys Basic-Pack 175000 R220
 <br/>REMS CamSys Basic-Pack
 <br/>Camera cable set S colour 10 K
 <br/>Camera cable set S colour 20 H
 <br/>Camera cable set S-Color 30 H

Guide body Ø 62 mm 175057 R
 <br/>Guide body Ø 62 mm

Centering guide Dm 100 175058 R
 <br/>Centering guide Dm 100

Protector cap 175026 R
 <br/>Protector cap