REMS Krokodil 180 SR

Diamond chasing and cutting machines

REMS Krokodil 180 SR
Compact, handy power tool for dry chasing and cutting, e.g. of concrete, steel reinforced concrete, all kinds of masonry, natural stone, all kinds of screed. For trade and industry.
Chase depth ≤ 61 mm, chase width ≤ 62 mm, number of diamond cutting discs 1 – 3.
REMS universal diamond cutting discs, also for suitable drive machines of other makes..

REMS Krokodil 180 SR – chasing instead of chiselling. Full contact support plate. Multi-function electronics.


Operating instructions Krokodil 180 SR (PDF)

Operating instructions UDT Ø 125 mm 180 mm (PDF)

Parts list Krokodil 180 SR (PDF)




 <br/>REMS Krokodil 180 SR
 <br/>REMS UDT LS Turbo Ø 125 mm
 <br/>REMS UDT LS H-P Ø 125 mm

Chasing chisel

Art. no. 185024 R
 <br/>Chasing chisel
 <br/>REMS UDT LS Turbo Ø 180 mm
 <br/>REMS UDT LS H-P Ø 180 mm

Steel case with insert

Art. no. 185058 R
 <br/>Steel case with insert <br/>Steel case with insert

Accessories: REMS Pull L / M

REMS Pull L Set

Art. no. 185500 R220
 <br/>REMS Pull L Set

REMS Pull M Set

Art. no. 185501 R220
 <br/>REMS Pull M Set

REMS Pull L Set W

Art. no. 185503 R220
REMS Pull L Set W

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